High Performance, Economical & Sustainable Biocomposite Building Materials

BioBuild Case Studies

BioBuild started in December 2011. During the first meeting a pre-selection of case-study systems was achieved. A catalogue was established outlining European, as well as national, requirements for the selected case-study systems to form a guide for the design process.

A comprehensive overview — the Design Toolbox — outlining the selected case-study systems was established. This gives a description of each case-study system; explores the market situation; points out direct competition; and evaluates materials and processing capabilities within the consortium.

Boundary conditions, including materials processing and properties, available manufacturing processes and components ready on the market, were defined for the development of case studies. Options for manufacturing were explored in collaboration with the partners whilst also looking at possible improvements to the production processes and components. Designs were presented by 3XN and Arup. The consortium selected four case studies be produced in full scale.

The consortium has selected four case studies to produce demonstrator components. The choice of the parts and the required performance were described in edition 1 of the BioBuild newsletter. Edition 2 updates the thinking on the designs and describes the manufacturing processes which have been chosen to manufacture the parts. The selection of the materials has been informed by the performance requirements and the results of initial QuickScan life cycle assessments to reduce the embodied energy of the parts.

External Cladding Kit

The External Cladding Kit (ECK) is a system with no load-bearing function and is intended for vertical or near-vertical building envelopes. The BioBuild ECK will incorporate a substructure in biocomposites. The general function of the External Cladding Kit is to protect the wall area behind it from direct contact with the exterior environment (rain, snow, Read more…

External Wall Panel

The External Wall Panel (EWP) represents an opaque, self-supporting, vertical element that spans one or more floors. The panel could include a window. It is prefabricated in the workshop and installed on site. The BioBuild EWP can be defined as a wall element incorporating an external architectural finish. The general function of the EWP is Read more…

Internal Partition Kit

The Internal Partition Kit (IPK) is a self-supporting, non-load-bearing, vertical structure element used to subdivide a given floor space visually and acoustically. The BioBuild IPK includes a support structure, insulating material, a skin and any fixings needed to ensure its functionality. The IPK will focus on the market for modular interior separating walls built from Read more…

Suspended Ceiling Kit

The Suspended Ceiling Kit (SCK) is a suspended ceiling system intended for internal use only. It will consist of lamella suspended from the structural ceiling which will be made using biocomposites The general function of the Suspended Ceiling Kits is to provide a cohesive architectural surface and acoustic damping while allowing for technical installations to Read more…


This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 285689.