High Performance, Economical & Sustainable Biocomposite Building Materials

Case Study: Internal Partition Kit

Internal Partition Kit

The Internal Partition Kit (IPK) is a self-supporting, non-load-bearing, vertical structure element used to subdivide a given floor space visually and acoustically. The BioBuild IPK includes a support structure, insulating material, a skin and any fixings needed to ensure its functionality. The IPK will focus on the market for modular interior separating walls built from repetitive prefabricated units. The advantages of bio-composite materials will be utilised to ensure ease and speed of installation, integration of functionality and low embodied energy.

The BioBuild IPK will use skins of jute-PFA. Jute has been chosen for its low embodied energy and low cost. PFA resin will be used as it is intrinsically flame retardant. For aesthetic reasons the panel will be painted with a silicate based paint. This will provide a decorative finish and an additional layer of fire protection. The interior of the panel can be filled with a variety of insulating materials.

Design drivers and technical requirements:

  • Acoustic separation of adjacent spaces
  • Simple, lightweight substructure, for ease and speed of installation
  • Self-supporting panel
  • Minimal use of floor space (minimum thickness)
  • Impact resistance Class E4: 343 J

Image courtesy GXN.


This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 285689.