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For the past 35 years TransFurans Chemicals have been producing furan chemicals from renewable raw materials. The Geel-based facility was established in 1972 as the European chemicals division of the American food group Quaker Oats. Since 1997 this facility operates independently under the name of TransFurans Chemicals (TFC). At the Belgian plant 40 people are employed for production, maintenance, logistics, engineering and business development.

With an annual production capacity in excess of 30,000 tons, TFC operates the largest and most efficient furfuryl alcohol plant in the world. Furfural, the raw material for furfuryl alcohol, is produced from the hemicellulosic part of agricultural wastes. A controlled high temperature digestion of this pentose based fraction yields furfural. With biomass as the sole raw material, it is a renewable and CO2-neutral chemical. Next to the traditional applications in the foundry and refractory industry, furfuryl alcohol is being developed as a platform for user-friendly polyols, solvents and resins in a variety of applications. For composite application TFC has developed BioRez and Furolite thermoset resin systems, and these will be used as the basis for TFC’s work in the BioBuild project.

TFC is equipped with a state of the art laboratory for the synthesis of thermoset furan resins and application testing. This includes (pressure)reactors, purification equipment, mixers, hot press, impregnation vessels, vacuum equipment. TFC has also the possibility to pilot resin synthesis in reactors from 200 to 1000l, and the analytical services of TFC include thermal analysis (DSC, TGA), rheology, GC, acid-base titration and UV spectrophotometer.



This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 285689.