High Performance, Economical & Sustainable Biocomposite Building Materials

The BioBuild project is now finished

The BioBuild project is now finished.  However, the partners are still active in the same area and will be furthering their work into biocomposites and biocomposite building components.  They will be responsive to enquiries about the case studies and materials developed in the project.  Links to their websites can be found on the Project Partners page or simply E-mail the coordinator using the Contact Us page and your enquiry will be forwarded.

This website is being maintained by Coventive Composites and will be updated with public versions of deliverable reports when these become available.  Some dissemination activities are still planned and these will be advertised on this site.

Development of biocomposites to reduce the embodied energy in building façade, supporting structure and internal partition systems by at least 50% over current materials - with no increase in cost. Biocomposites are already used in a number of commercial applications, but for outdoor applications they can be susceptible to long-term degradation caused by moisture absorption and bio-degradation. The aim of BioBuild was to develop biocomposite materials and construction products with a life span of at least 40 years, by protecting the natural fibres with novel treatments and coatings.

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 285689.